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Given the high number of renters throughout Arizona, it is no wonder that issues often arise between landlords and tenants. Whether a dispute arises regarding rent or a tenant is upset over an eviction, it is important to understand that both landlords and tenants have legal rights. It is imperative that you protect these rights if you find yourself in a dispute with your landlord or tenant.

At Counsel Realty, our Phoenix real estate attorneys have been providing high-quality legal representation for years. We are intent on preserving the best interests of our clients. With a thorough understanding of state landlord-tenant laws and a tireless work ethic, you can trust our team amidst even the most complex legal matters.

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Landlord and Tenant Rights in Arizona

The Residential Landlord and Tenant Act was established to regulate the rights of landlords and tenants within the state. Within this document, a number of different laws are discussed and both parties are always expected to abide by them.

Some of the laws included in the act pertain to the following:

Landlord disclosures
Security deposits
Late fees
Termination and eviction
Landlord access to rental property
Tenant protection against retaliation

If these laws are abused or ignored, whether by the landlord or tenant, legal action can be carried out – this is where our firm comes in. We have successfully helped numerous clients resolve their landlord-tenant issues peacefully, but are not afraid to go to court if that becomes necessary. The sooner you get our firm involved, the better your chances of a favorable outcome.

Our firm is on your side every step of the way!

We are prepared to defend the rights of parties involved in landlord and tenant matters.

We are ready to assist landlords seeking to enforce their rights to rent.  Landlords have significant investments in the properties they own, and that investment needs protection. We can help protect your investment.

We are prepared to help tenants to enforce their rights to healthful living quarters.  We are committed to defend tenants against from unlawful discrimination in housing. Understand and protect your rights. Let us help defend your rights.

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