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Real Estate Contracts

Real estate contracts are often very large and filled with legally-dense language, in addition to boiler plate language.  They can be difficult to understand and require review from an experienced real estate contract attorney.  At Counsel Realty™, our attorneys have extensive experience with all aspects of real estate contracts: drafting, reviewing and negotiating.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer?  Isn't a Realtor® Enough?

Huge sums of money may be tied up in real estate contracts, such as a purchase agreement or other contracts to buy a home or piece of property.  In fact, for the average American it is the most amount of money in a single transaction that they will ever enter into.  It is essential that you have a lawyer review contracts before you sign them to ensure that you fully understand what you are signing.  If you do not understand and sign anyway, you may be obligated to follow through on the terms of the contract that you would not have agreed to in the first place. 

In Arizona, to obtain a real estate license a person merely needs a GED.  Realtors® are licensed to sell and market only.  Though, in Arizona, they can write a contract for the sale of a property they are selling, they can't charge for writing it.  That should speak volumes; you get what you pay for.  Further, there is no specialized instruction given on contract writing and negotiating.  In all reality, most Realtors® are unable to answer specific questions about the contract and would even shy away from writing a special addendum to get you what you want out of your agreement, simply because they are unfamiliar with drafting contracts outside of the "fill-in-the-blank" real estate purchase agreement.  Relying solely on the knowledge of a Realtor® can be dicey to say the least. 

At Counsel Realty™, your attorney is also a Realtor®. This means that we understand all aspects of what is needed to buy or sell real estate, in Arizona.  As a result, you can have the best of both worlds:  A Realtor® who knows the real estate market, and an attorney who knows real estate law and contract drafting.

We handle all types of real estate contract matters, such as:

Buy/sell agreements
Purchase agreements
Lease agreements (residential and commercial)
For sale by owner (FSBO) contracts

Lease Agreements

A large portion of our real estate contracts practice is devoted to handling the review, drafting and negotiation of lease agreements. We work on behalf of landlords, individual tenants and business tenants in a variety of capacities to ensure that our client's best interests are being upheld by the lease agreement that is at issue.

If you are a business tenant entering into a commercial lease agreement, it is especially important that you have an attorney on your side to review the agreement.  The monthly amount you pay may seem small, and advantageous for you.  However, upon further review, it may be discovered that the total amount over the course of the lease is a large figure and not in your business' best interests.  Beware of CAM charges.  Additionally, our attorneys can draft language into the lease agreement even when there is a standard contract and the Landlord leads you to believe it is a "take-it or leave it" contract.  Knowing your options is half the battle.  Also being familiar with the real estate market can give you great bargaining power during your negotiations.  Not only are our attorneys are knowledgeable about both contracts and real estate, they understand the current market trends.  

Consult With An Experienced Real Estate and Contract Attorney

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