Avoid the dreaded Commission-ectomy!

"Commission-ectomy" - The art of losing one's commission because of an unforeseen mistake.

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When it comes to being a Realtor®, no two transactions are the same.  As a result, the standard Arizona Association of Realtors (AAR) contract and addenda often require additional clauses and terms to meet the needs of your buyer and the seller.  However, altering the pre-printed terms often expose the Agent to potential liability.

Drafting a new clause, or changing an existing one, is not easy and requires a person to "think like the judge."  This is because, often times when there is a dispute as to the meaning of a clause, it is the interpretation of the judge, or another person disconnected from the transaction, that is most important.

This is where Counsel Realty's General Counsel for Realtors® comes into play.  Our cost-effective subscription plan allows agents to reach one of our attorneys to assist in drafting specific clauses to a real estate purchase agreement.  Additionally, we provide you, the Agent, with a risk management and liability analysis.


As a Realtor®, we know that the principal (your buyer or seller) always comes first.  But, who comes second, between the broker and the agent?  And who is protecting YOUR best interests?  Make sure that you have someone in your corner.


Perhaps, best of all, is the added benefit when marketing your services to a buyer, or at a listing presentation for a seller. Imagine how much you'll set yourself apart from others competing for your buyer or seller, when you can show that you have a real estate attorney on-call for the their purchase or sale.

Attorneys can cost between $200 per hour and $450 per hour. But at Counsel Realty™, you can save hundreds, and even thousands of dollars, by subscribing to our General Counsel for Realtors® plan. For as little as $25 per month, $300 a year, you can have the protection of a real estate attorney who is looking out for YOUR best interests.


One Year Subscription - Paid Quarterly
$30 per month, per transaction

Realtors® holding a GRI or rCRMS designation (graduates and current candidates):
$25 per month, per transaction (
SAVE $60)

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