Counsel Realty™

Real Estate Law – General Counsel for Realtors®

Contract writing is the most difficult aspect for Realtors® and often result in unintended consequences for the client and the pocketbook. We assist Realtors® in drafting changes to real estate contracts and contingency clauses. Additionally we provide risk management analysis for the agent and how a particular liabilities can affect the agent, as well as their client.

Avoid the dreaded "Commission-ectomy!"

"Commission-ectomy" - The art of losing one's commission because of an unforeseen mistake.

Affordable legal Assistance for Realtors®

Counsel Realty™ is a full-service real estate law firm. Not only are we attorneys, we are also licensed Realtors®. We represent clients in real estate disputes, tenant-landlord, evictions, procuring cause, and disciplinary hearings.